Lila and Eve

Eve (Jennifer Lopez) is not real. She is a figment of Lila's (Viola Davis) imagination brought on by the grief of losing her son, Stephon, to a drive by shooting. "Eve" gave Lila the courage to go after the drug empire that caused her son's death and eventually kill Alonzo (Chris Chalk) the actual gunman that killed her son. However, she has caught the attention of Miguel Alejandro (Ian Casselberry), Alonzo's boss who had ordered the hit that indirectly killed Stephon. Miguel and his men break into Lila's house intending to ambush her, but she and "Eve" had already rigged the house to blow. Lila lights the fuse, killing Miguel and his men but allows herself to be caught in the explosion, so she can "kill" Eve.

Lila wakes up in hospital, scarred but alive. Her support group runs a donation drive for her move out of town with her other son Justin. Detective Holliston (Shea Whigham) who figured out Lila was behind everything, asks her to come to the station. However, before she can leave, the other group members give Lila an alibi for the nights the crimes were committed. Knowing that a group of "grieving mothers" would not be questioned in their statement and feeling sympathy for Lila having lost a child himself, Holliston drops the matter.

Lila leaves town, sadly having to end a relationship with her next door neighbor Ben. In the car, Justin asks if his mom is okay. Lila says not yet, but she will be since she has him.

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