Don't F*** in the Woods

In the forest, a monster lurks, attracted by the pheromones of sexual activity. Anyone caught by the monster is savagely mutilated and killed. A group of friends, looking to unwind, come in contact with the monster, and are killed one by one.

The group is whittled down until only Jane (Brittany Blanton), Alex (Ayse Howard) and Mac (Roman Jossart) remain. Mac attempts to fight the creature, who disembowels him in turn, vomiting an acidic substance into his chest cavity. Alex dies from a neck wound she sustained from the creature earlier. Enraged, Jane lays a trap for the monster, carrying bow and arrow she took from the car. She hits it with an arrow and as the creatures readies to attack her, Jane shoots it with an explosive arrow, destroying it for good. The next morning, Jane, who had passed out, wakes up and walks out of woods, the sole survivor.

Midway through the credits, there is an extra scene. We return to Mac. His eyes open, being dark black like the monster that killed him. It appears that the monster infected him during his death, and thus he will slowly become the new monster that will now stalk the woods in search of prey...

Thanks Tim (Spectre)!