Thanks to Randy’s (Cathy Lee Crosby) guidance, the Stallions win game after game until they are matched against their rivals, the Bulls, for the conference championship. The day before the big game, Randy is approached by Tom (Otto Felix), and he tells her that he personally knows a university talent scout, Marvin Chomsky (Ted Dawson), whom he can bring to the game to check out the players. He then drives her back home and she kisses him in gratitude for this kind gesture, unaware that Jack (Michael Biehn) – a player she is having a secret affair with – has witnessed this, having come by her house for a prearranged get-together. Thinking that she is now dating Tom, he leaves with an aching heart.

Come game time, Jack doesn’t show up until just as it is about to begin, and he won’t talk to Randy at all. The Stallions struggle for the first half of the game, and when they head back out for the second half, Randy stops Jack and asks him about his behavior and mentions that she got worried when he didn’t show up the night before. She then introduces him to Marvin and informs him that Tom brought him here to watch him play. When Marvin returns to his seat, Jack tells her that he saw her kiss Tom, but understands now that she didn’t do it out of any romantic feelings for him. Now that things are cool between them, Jack plays with a better attitude.

The Stallions start to close the gap on the scoreboard, but they continue to have a hard time, and they find themselves down by 11 points with just three minutes left in the game. Randy then remembers the time Jack told her about how he and the other guys had performed hypnosis on the team klutz Ned (Jack David Walker) and put a command into his mind where he would think that he was NBA player Sidney Wicks whenever he heard the word “jabberwocky”. Though she was initially not keen on taking advantage of this, both because she wanted Ned to play naturally and wanted the team to win on its own merit, she decides to shout out the word to Ned. Sure enough, the hypnosis kicks in, and the Stallions begin to rack up the points. After Randy says the word a second time, the cheerleaders take notice of it and soon start to get the crowd to chant “jabberwocky” with them, and even the Bulls’ supporters join in on it, not knowing its true purpose. The Stallions emerge victorious when Jack scores the winning basket, and the movie ends with the team parading Randy around on their shoulders.

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