The Matrix: Reloaded

First interpretation: The "real" world of Zion is just another Matrix, set up to trap those who have "escaped" from the first Matrix. By the end of the film, Neo (Keanu Reeves) has figured this out. (He's also the sixth Neo to have gotten this far. But, of course, we're going to have to wait until November to see exactly what that means.)
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But many Matrix fans who visit here disagree with this interpretation. Rob F sent the most eloquent statement:
Based on the evidence in the movie, it [Zion] may or may not be another Matrix, although I would guess not. What it is, however, is an escape valve, where those people who cannot accept the consensual reality of the Matrix proper can escape to without disturbing the rest of the population, and which can be reset to zero whenever it looks to be getting out of hand. Saying anything beyond that right now is premature - Neo's ability to zap Sentinels may indicate that the 'real world' is another Matrix, or it may not, but they're certainly going to resolve that for sure (for as sure as sure can get in this kind of film, anyway) in the next movie.

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