After initially being much welcomed by the Dogville community, the smalltown folks begin to exploit Grace (Nicole Kidman). After the police come to the town a couple of times to look for Grace, the town people raise the price that Grace must pay in exchange for their protection. It begins with a couple of the men raping her in secrecy, knowing she is unable to go for help, but eventually it becomes accepted that all the village men will use her. The women make her work longer hours, stop paying her, and abuse her with insults and rejection. Grace tries to escape, but is caught. Throughout all this, Grace is forgiving towards all the people who are doing this to her. When Grace finally rebels, the townspeople accuse her of spreading lies, and decide to call the mobster boss who was looking for Grace. When the mob arrives, we discover that Grace is actually the boss' daughter, and that she escaped because she did not want to do what her father did. Grace wants to continue to forgive everyone in Dogville, but she sees the light and realizes that they are not so different from the mob that she ran away from. She decides that the world will be better off without people like those in Dogville. She gives the order. All of the people are killed and the entire town is burned down.
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