Outside Providence

After Tim (Shawn Hatosy), Jane (Amy Smart), and their friends are caught getting high and drunk in Tim’s room by Funderburk (Timothy Crowe), who was conducting a second raid of it, Tim eventually cuts a deal with Funderburk in which he’ll let himself get expelled if the rest just get work hours.

Dean Mort (George Martin) gives Tim’s friends the probation and work hours, but Tim is surprised when he also gets that. He then realized that when Funderburk told him “somebody’s going to pay the price” when they were cutting the deal, it would now mean Jane. She gets expelled, and also, her acceptance to Brown University gets reversed.

Tim goes to talk to Dean Rogers (Nigel Gore) at Brown University to vouch for Jane, telling him that the bust was his fault entirely, and later on Dean Rogers tells this to the review board, resulting in them overturning their decision and allowing Jane to attend.

Not long after this, Tim learns that Wheeler (Gabriel Mann) got accepted to Yale – courtesy of a letter of recommendation from Funderburk. Knowing that Wheeler was caught with pot along with their friends during Funderburk’s first raid of his room, he concludes that Wheeler cut his own deal with Funderburk to rat them out when Tim and Jane were present and get Jane expelled, in exchange for not being punished. While he and Wheeler are smoking pot on the school roof that night, he confronts him about his actions and threatens to throw him off the roof. He ends up not doing it, feeling that Wheeler’s life was going to suck anyway.

Tim is shown graduating from Cornwall, and when he gets his diploma from Funderburk, he gives a public showing of defiance by not shaking his hand. Outside, he meets his father (Alec Baldwin) and Jackie (Tommy Bone), where his father hands him a letter showing that he was accepted into Rhode Island Junior College. Tim reveals his intentions to go to senior college after that, and then they all drive home.

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