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The 'Lite' version of Moviepooper is back because we're starting to get more visits from cell phones and PDAs. If you're browsing from a tiny screen, please give this page a try!

If this site wasn't exactly what you were looking for, visit The Movie Spoiler for full plot summaries of films in current and recent release.

Believe it or not, even with The Movie Spoiler and Moviepooper out on the web, there's still room for another approach. movie-a-minute and its companion site, book-a-minute will provide the most succinct summaries out there. Like CliffsNotes for people who are too lazy to read CliffsNotes!

For brutally honest film reviews, see Lucius Shepard at Electric Story, Andy Ihnatko's Colossal Waste of Bandwidth, or Mr. Cranky.

It's a shame that Flick Chick's column only comes out once a week, because it's always entertaining and informative. If you search the archive, you'll notice that she's reminded me of old movies, as well as inspired me to rent a few films and add them to the database here. Even Roger Ebert is getting into the "answer interesting movie questions" game, calling his new column the "Movie Answer Man."

Corona's "Coming Attractions" site has been absorbed by Cinescape, and is now known as Development Heck. All the goodies are still there, but the site layout (for now) is a little difficult to navigate.

Looking for a movie recommendation? Movielens Will try to predict what you'll like, based on your ratings of the films you've seen. And if that wasn't enough for you, you can also get recommendations based on what other Moviepooper readers like! To join the "Moviepooper" group at Movielens, just send an e-mail to

If Movielens doesn't seem to be helping you find new movies to watch, there's a new movie database in town. Instead of rating every available film on a 1 to 5 star basis, Your Movie Data Base lets you work with two simple lists: your "20 best" and "20 worst" films. Based on your picks, this site will show you the lists that have the most in common with your own. Chances are, you'll find folks with pretty similar tastes, and hopefully you'll discover more than a few films to add to your 'must-see' list!

If you've been pulling your hair out, trying to track down some ultra-obscure film, but have had no luck at all of the "usual" places, we'd like to recommend Super Happy Fun! While we haven't personally ordered anything from them yet, they performed the ultimate professional courtesy when we came a-hunting: they referred us to one of their competitors! It's nice to see integrity like that these days.

When we want to keep abreast of all of the latest developments in the world of DVD's, we always direct our browsers to The Digital Bits. They do an excellent job of culling facts from rumors, they always seem to be right on top of breaking news, and they have excellent reviews. Check 'em out! By the by, even the Digital Bits doesn't have much hope that Lucasfilm will ever release the Star Wars Episodes 4-6 trilogy in it's original (pre-Special Edition) form. If this bothers you as much as it does us, please be sure to 'sign the petition' at

The Home Theater Forum is a fun place to to to read up on all of the latest electronic toys and gadgets, but since it looks like our discussion board idea was a bust, you might want to take your movie discussions over to Home Theater Forum-Movies. Things look pretty lively over there!

My brother sent me a link that can't be ignored! If you're into movie cars, this site has a pretty big collection of still photos, and some interesting trivia. We're a movie site, but there's also plenty of info on TV cars, as well. What I found most interesting is the fact that if you're in the UK, you can actually hire Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang!

Web Entertainment
You'll see links to it throughout the Moviepooper site so make sure you visit It's been called "The Drudge Report of Entertainment news." Check it out for the showbiz stories you won't always see on most entertainment web sites or TV shows.

Being big movie buffs, we can't seem to find a whole lot of time for ordinary television any more. Luckily, there's the staff over at Television Without Pity! The writers there are kind enough to watch TV for us, post capsule summaries to the web, and always do it with their Sarcasm Sequencers turned up to 11. Highly recommended! Especially if you're anything like the editor-in-chief here, and have seen exactly two episodes each of 24, Enterprise and Smallville.

I only found David Wong's Pointless Waste of Time because he was kind enough to link to us first, but his site is just chock full o' fun! From the conspiracy theories (I knew it was true!), to movie and game reviews, to the "interviews," this site just keeps me in stitches. Thanks, David! You should be in everyone's Bookmark file!

If you have children, or are a kid at heart, the Science Toys site contains many fascinating, fun projects you can do on little to no budget. I've actually built his AM transmitter, and it's no powerhouse but it's a great starting point for an understanding of electronics.

As a true child of the 1970's, Curt likes to visit nostalgia sites. Some favorites: