Submitted by Alan C

C (Casey Affleck) and M (Rooney Mara) are a couple living in a house in Texas. One night, they are awakened from their sleep by a strange noise that sounded like something fell on the piano but fail to find the cause of it. Later on, C dies in a car accident. He wakes up in the morgue and is now a ghost. He is completely covered in a white bedsheet with 2 holes for eyes and no living person can see him. The ghost of C sees a door of light suddenly materialize on a wall that beckons him to enter, but he doesn’t and instead leaves the hospital and walks all the way home. He watches a distraught M cope with his death for weeks until she eventually moves out of the house. Right before she leaves, she hides a note inside a door frame because, as explained earlier, she likes to write a secret about herself and leave it behind whenever she moves out.

Unable or unwilling to leave the house, The ghost of C stays around for years and observes the many different occupants moving in and out of the house. The entire time, the ghost tries to fish out the note from the door frame but fails when the house is suddenly demolished to make way for a skyscraper.

When the skyscraper is finished, the ghost jumps off the top of it and finds himself back in the 1800’s where a family of settlers living on the land where his house will eventually be. He stays for a couple of hundred years until he catches up to the time C and M start moving into the house. We eventually learn the ghost was responsible for the strange piano noise in the middle of the night. The ghost sticks around to witness the aftermath of C’s death and sees M being observed by his earlier ghost , who is oblivious to the other ghost of C.

After watching M move out again, the ghost of C finally manages to retrieve M’s note from the door frame. After reading it, the ghost’s bed sheet collapses to the floor, indicating that C’s ghost has finally moved on.