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Neil gives up his powers to his dog, Dennis, who then wishes that whatever created these powers be destroyed (thus unknowingly destroying the aliens and saving the Earth). Learning he gave up his powers, Catherine agrees to go on a date with Neil. Dennis then makes romantic overtures towards Grant, who is still stuck in a dog’s body.

Long Ending:
This was Robin Williams’ last film role, as well as the reunion of all living Monty Python cast members.

The film opens on a group of aliens (voiced by Eric Idle, John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Terry Jones, and Michael Palin) coming to Earth. They decide to conduct a test to see if they will invite the Earth to join their exclusive union. If the Earth fails the test, they will destroy it. To test Earth, they grant unlimited power to one individual, Neil (Simon Pegg), to see how he will use it.

As Neil begins realizing the extent of his powers, he bumbles into numerous mishaps due to how poorly he phrases his words. For example, he wishes for the school’s gym teacher to worship his best friend Ray (Sanjeev Bhaskar), who is in love with her. This leads to the gym teacher starting a cult that literally worships Ray. When he asks for a “great body,” he is given a hot female body.

He largely uses his powers for personal gain, such as making his boss (Eddie Izzard) like him and conjuring incredible food for Catherine (Kate Beckinsale), a girl he is starting to date. He also gives his dog Dennis (voiced by Robin Williams) the ability to speak and engage in rational thought. He soon reveals his powers to Catherine, who flees from him in disgust that he can control her every move (and indeed, though his powers had momentarily not been working, he tried to control Catherine earlier in the film to sleep with him). Neil then tries to use his powers for good, but it all backfires (i.e. curing global warming leads to global winter, curing world hunger leads to an obesity epidemic). He and Dennis are then kidnapped by Catherine’s maniacal ex-boyfriend Grant (Rob Riggle) who also learned about his powers during an earlier confrontation.

Grant threatens to kill Dennis if Neil doesn’t grant all of his wishes. Realizing that things have gotten out of hand, Ray and Catherine find and rescue Dennis and Neil. Once freed, Dennis turns Grant into a dog and undoes all of Grant’s wishes. Being depressed that his friends and Catherine no longer like him, he unsuccessfully attempts to commit suicide.

Meanwhile, on the alien spacecraft, it is revealed that the aliens are actually genocidal maniacs. The “test” was to see if Neil was going to destroy the world. As Neil didn’t use his powers to their liking, they shoot a laser beam from space to destroy the world.

At the same time, Neil and Dennis converse. Dennis convinces Neil to give him his powers as that will allow Neil to live a normal life while ensuring the powers are kept with a trustworthy and loyal companion. After Dennis gets the powers, he wishes that the powers and those that bestowed them be destroyed (likely realizing that unlimited power is a bad thing). As a result of Dennis’ wish, the laser beam bounces off the world and destroys the aliens instead.

Neil returns home and shows Catherine that he gave up his powers. Impressed with his sacrifice, she agrees to date him. Meanwhile, Dennis makes romantic overtures to Grant, who is now forever trapped in a dog’s body.