Submitted by Tornado Dragon

After Max angrily tells him to stay out of his life following a loss to him in the college X-Games, Goofy quits the unscrupulous Gamma Mu Mu fraternity, not wanting to compete against Max anymore. They throw him out of their house, but when he tries to return his pledge pin soon after, he overhears them saying how they plan to cheat to win the games. He tries to warn Max of this before the finals commence, but Max ignores him.

Before the very last event of the games, the Gamma team takes P.J. out, leaving Max to find a replacement for his team or risk disqualification. Max calls out to a departing Goofy for help, and Goofy readily comes to his aid.

In the final leg of the event, one of Bradley’s cheating tactics backfires when a giant X of an X-Games logo falls on his minion Tank. Bradley heads for the finish line rather than help Tank, who ends up being saved by Goofy and Max. Max then barely crosses the finish line ahead of Bradley, winning the X-Games for his team. Bradley seems ready to honor his end of their bet by becoming Max’s towel boy, but Max calls off the bet, and Tank gets his revenge on Bradley by first ousting him from the Gammas and then using his strength to slingshoot him into the ESPN blimp.

The next scene shows that Goofy has graduated, and Max gives him his X-Games trophy as a grad present. They hug, and then Goofy leaves with Sylvia for a romantic getaway, leaving Max to his own devices at college.