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Jane (Keri Russell) and Nobley (JJ Feild) start to grow closer, though she continues to think it’s all part of the theme park experience.

At the grand ball that marks the end of the women’s stay in Austenland, Martin (Bret McKenzie) asks her if she wants to get out of there with him but she initially says no. She dances with Nobley, but when he takes her aside and starts to tell her of his feelings, she begins to feel uncomfortable over a romance faked for a theme park and says she wants something real and goes off to find Martin. The two leave together, and she makes plans to spend some extra time in London with him after she leaves the park the next day.

As Jane is leaving in the morning, she learns from Mrs. Wattlesbrook (Jane Seymour) that Nobley was never supposed to court her, and that her faked romance was actually with Martin all along. Angry, Jane threatens to shut down the park by exposing the fact that Mrs. Wattlesbrook’s husband had gotten drunk and had sexually harassed her.

Mrs. Wattlesbrook sends Martin to the airport to try and patch things up with Jane, but she rejects him. Nobley also shows up, having just learned that Martin was an actor and tries to explain to Jane that his own feelings for her were real. She doesn’t believe him, but assures him she’s not actually going to shut down the park, and returns home to America. However Nobley shows up at her apartment, telling her that he really does love her, and that she is ideal as much as he was her’s. The two kiss.