Submitted by Brad

Fiona (Julie Christie) developes Alzhemimer’s and is sadly seperated from her husband Grant (Gordon Pinsent) for 30 days at a community home. Upon a visit after the 30 days, his wife forgets who he is and she developes a relationship with a disabled Aubrey (Michael Murphy). But, suddenly Aubrey is taken out of the community home by his wife Marian (Olympia Dukakis), and Grant begins to notice a deepened sadness in Fiona. 

Grant now wants to put Aubrey back into the community home so that his wife can be happy. So on one special day, Grant gets the permission by Marian to place Aubrey in the community home for good. They both drive to the community home and stand outside of Fiona’s door and only Grant walks in first.

While talking to Fiona, she begins to tell him what a kind man he’s been in the past and thanks her. Grant is surprised that she remembers. We then realize that Fiona is having a burst of rememberence, common in most Alzhemimer’s cases. They both give a large hug and her final words are, “You could have drove away, but instead you fortook me.”

Fiona said this line before she left for the community home in the beginning of the movie.