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Aiden (Hugh Dancy) kills Rafe (Bryan Dick), and later, Vivian (Agnes Bruckner) kills Gabriel (Olivier Martinez). The two then leave town, trying to figure out where to go next.

When Rafe tells his father Gabriel about Vivian’s affair with Aiden, Gabriel orders him to get Aiden out of the city. He sends a false letter under Vivian’s name to Aiden, telling him to meet him at an abandoned chapel. There, he orders Aiden to leave, but he refuses. Rafe soon reveals his true werewolf self and tries to kill him, but Aiden kills him by using the silver medallion on his necklace.

Gabriel quickly finds and captures Aiden and makes him the pack’s next victim in their full moon hunt in the woods. Aiden manages to cross the river in there, where he should have been spared according to the rules of the hunt, but Gabriel still intends to kill him. However, Vivian arrives in wolf form and knocks Gabriel into the river, and then she and Aiden escape the woods and hide in an abandoned film company, since there was silver dust in the place, though the dust begins to poison her. They are later met by a gun-toting Astrid (Katja Riemann), who still wants Aiden dead for killing her son. Vivian tells her that Gabriel was Rafe’s true killer, that Gabriel was never coming back to her (Astrid), and she must not take Aiden away from her. Astrid lowers her gun, and Vivian tells her that she is leaving town after getting some antigen for her silver poisoning. She gives Vivian her gun and encourages her to “run free”.

The two go to a special pharmacy to get the antigen, but the pharmacist – who works for Gabriel – alerts Gabriel and his men to her presence. She is captured, but Aiden escapes. Aiden later returns to the pharmacy and holds the pharmacist at gunpoint, and makes him give him all of his antigen and silver ammo. He then goes after Vivian.

At a warehouse, Gabriel condemns Vivian for her actions, for he believed her to be the prophecized female werewolf that would lead her kind into an “age of hope”, and says that they must hunt each other now. Before it can begin, Aiden launches a surprise attack. He and Vivian kill or trap the other werewolves present and set the building on fire in the midst of it all. Gabriel takes Aiden down, but before he can kill him, Vivian aims a rifle at him. Gabriel transforms into a wolf, goading her to become the very thing that killed her parents. Initially, she can’t bring herself to shoot and kill him, but when he launches himself at Aiden, she does. She then releases the trapped werewolves, telling them “may you know the age of hope when you see it”, and then she and Aiden escape the warehouse before it explodes.

They are last shown driving off together, trying to figure out whether to go to the “age of hope”, or Paris.