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After losing all his limbs, and confessing to some horrible crimes that had nothing to do with his captivity (hit and run, accidentally killing a prostitute), Lance Reed (Will Keenan) has still not ascertained why his captor, The Stranger (Timothy Muskatell) wanted revenge against him.

The Stranger, having enough, injects Lance with an antifreeze cocktail that will kill him within minutes, then commits suicide himself. The Stranger drops his keys in the process of killing himself and Lance finally remembers where he met him before. The Stranger had bumped into Lance and had dropped his keys on the street. Annoyed, Lance took his keys and threw them over a fence, telling the man to “watch where you’re going, fat ass.” The Stranger then jotted down his license plate, the first step of putting his plan into motion.

“You gotta be kidding me,” Lance says moments before death. His death (along with 6 others, including his wife) was not because he committed a unforgivable offense against his captor. He died over a stupid, yet inconsequential moment of rudeness.