Submitted by Julio M

As Stella (Olympia Dukakis) and Dot (Brenda Fricker) are finally standing in front of a Justice (Jeremy Akerman), with Prentice (Ryan Doucette) as their “Best Man” and in the presence of a small crowd, waiting to be married, the ceremony gets interrupted by the arrival of Dot’s granddaughter, Molly (Kristin Booth), who arrives with her cop husband Tommy (Michael McPhee) intending to take Dot back home -Stella admits she called Molly, out of fear of not being able to take care of Dot anymore, as she had previously confessed to Prentice-.  However, Dot reveals she knows that Molly tried to swindle out of her house and finances, which prompts them all to be taken to the local Police station.  It all gets cleared up and Prentice agrees to take the two old ladies back to Maine, although not having had their chance to wed.

As they are driving back, with Molly and Tommy following behind, Dot suddenly starts feeling very ill, forcing a pull-over.  Fearing what seems to be a fatal heart attack, Dot begs Prentice to “marry them both, right there, at that moment”, which he nervously does.  Sadly, Dot dies right after.  At her funeral, Prentice performs a weird interpretative dance in her honor, much to Molly’s horror and Stella’s and Tommy’s amusement.

The movie ends with Stella and Prentice looking at a sunset together, reminiscing of Dot; Prentice laments that “it took them 31 years to be able to get married and, yet, they just had 1 day of the honeymoon”, to which Stella retorts “it was the best f***king day of her life”.

01 hours 33 minutes