Submitted by Tornado Dragon

When Connie (Nia Vardalos) and Carla (Toni Collette) are being interviewed by a local TV station about their inaugural dinner theater show, their exes Mikey (Dash Mihok) and Al (Nick Sandow) – sent by Rudy (Robert John Burke) to Los Angeles to find them, but unaware of the true reasons why – see the broadcast and immediately go see them. Connie and Carla tell them why Rudy really sent them, and they agree to skip town after the inaugural show. However, Tibor (Boris McGiver) – who followed the guys – overhears this and telephones Rudy, telling him to come to Los Angeles. 

On opening night, Rudy and Tibor show up. They manage to get a hold of the girls, but Stanley (Ian Gomez) comes to their aid and shoves them on stage. Seeing that Rudy and Tibor are trying to do the girls harm, the drag queens on stage help them beat them up. The audience doesn’t mind, because they think it’s part of the show. The police eventually arrive and arrest Rudy and Tibor and take them away. 

When Debbie Reynolds (herself) asks for an explanation about what happened, Connie and Carla reveal to all that they are women by exposing their breasts. They get booed for their deception, but then, their old beauty salon client Mrs. Morse (Veena Sood) stands up and defends them, telling everyone that they always made her feel beautiful. Soon, the audience comes to accept the girls for who they are. Jeff (David Duchovny) appears, and Connie admits her real gender to him, which he is pleased with. With his brother Robbie’s (Stephen Spinella) and the audience’s encouragement, he goes on stage and kisses her. Connie and Carla finish their show to thunderous applause.