Submitted by Drax

Creepshow 2

Ol’ Chief Wood’nhead:  The wooden Indian, Chief Wood’nhead (Dan Kamin) comes to life to exact revenge on the three men who killed his owner, Ray Spruce (George Kennedy) and his wife Martha (Dorothy Lamour) and stole the Native American jewelry.  He tracks down Fatso Gribbens (David Holbrook) and shoots him full of arrows.  Later, he finds Andy Cavanaugh, smashes up his car, and then chops him up with a tomahawk.  Lastly, he finds Sam Whitemoon (Holt McCallany) and scalps his precious hair off his head.  When morning comes, Sam’s uncle, Ben Whitemoon (Frank Salsedo) awakens to find the bundle of jewelry in his hand.  Returning to the general store, believing that Ray Spruce had yet again tried to return the jewelry, Ben discovers the wooden indian was back in his place, yet in his hand was a bloody scalp. Sam’s bloody scalp.
The Raft:  The mysterious oil slick apparently is some sort of flesh eating monster.  The only ones who remain on the raft through the night are Randy (Daniel Beer) and Laverne (Jeremy Green).  As they both lay on the raft, Randy begins to take advantage to Laverne and as she turns over, it appears her entire back is covered with black slime.  As the oil slick is eating the screaming Laverne, Randy jumps off the raft and swims to shore. with the oil slick behind him.  Making it to shore, he finally believes that he’s beaten it, right before it is able to throw itself right on top of him and pull him back into the water.  As it pulls him back out, the wind starts to blow, revealing a sign by the bushes, clearly saying “No Swimming.”
The Hitchhiker:  As adulteress, Annie Lansing (Lois Chiles) is speeding to get home before her husband does; she accidentally runs over and kills an innocent hitchhiker (Tom Wright).  Instead of stopping, she speeds off with a guilty conscience.  As she continues home, she keeps seeing the hitchhiker appearing and thanking her for the ride.  Fearing that he was still alive and stalking her, she kept trying shake him off the car and ends up crashing into a tree.  She awakens to believe the whole thing was a dream and she had just fallen asleep at the wheel.  Arriving at home, she pulls up into the garage, and finds no sign of her husband yet.  Getting out of the car, the ghost of the hitchhiker appears again, and Annie screams in fear.  Moments later, Annie’s husband returns home and finds her car running inside the garage and filled with exhaust fumes.  Inside the car was her corpse, holding the sign the hitchhiker held “Dover.”