Submitted by Tornado Dragon

Critters 3:
You Are What They Eat

With Charlie’s (Don Opper) help, Annie (Aimee Brooks), her family, and the rest of the surviving tenants kill all of the Crites.

Annie and Josh (Leonardo DiCaprio) make plans to go on a date, and Annie’s dad Clifford (John Calvin) decides to stay close to home, giving up his railroad job and taking a job with the phone company. Josh’s mother (Nina Axelrod) comes up to him and says that with the relocation fees that all of the tenants were originally owed for their evictions, she will put him, his family, and the other tenants up in a hotel while the apartment was being rebuilt (a fire was started in the basement during the Crites’ attack).

As Charlie is searching the burnt basement for any surviving Crites, he finds two Crite eggs. As he goes to destroy them, a bio-alert alarm is triggered on his belt, and a hologram transmission from Ug (Terrence Mann) appears. He tells Charlie that these two Crite eggs were the last Crites in existence, and it was illegal to terminate any trans-galactic life forms, no matter how dangerous they were, if it meant the total extinction of the species. He informs Charlie that the Intergalactic Council has dispatched a specimen collection pod to his location, and Charlie is to put the eggs in the pod. The transmission ends, and as Charlie stands around wondering what Ug wants him to do, the pod comes crashing through the roof.

To be continued….