Submitted by Spectre

With the help of Mercy (Jack Palance), Colton (Elias Koteas) and Cash (Angelina Jolie) are able to make it to their boat that will take them to a neutral zone so they can be together.

Mercy is captured and brought to Pinwheel headquarters. There, the evil CEO Martin Dunn (Alfred Garfield) reveals Cash was fitted with a receiver that can detonate her “Glass Shadow” explosive before she can even leave. However, Mercy, wanting revenge for Dunn and Pinwheel for ruining his life, had injected himself with Glass Shadow and detonates, killing Dunn and destroying Pinwheel for good.

Colton and Cash make it to the neutral zone and make a life for themselves. Years later, when Colton is old and near death, Cash is still by his side. It is implied by Mercy’s narration that when Colton finally dies, Cash will shut herself down permanently, to join him in death.