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Beatrice (Noomi Rapace) doesn’t send the hostage video to the Albanians like Victor (Colin Farell) wanted. She realized that he was going on a suicide mission, and falling for him, didn’t want him to die, so she tried to sabatoge his plan so he still had a chance to walk away. At the same time, Darcy (Dominic Cooper) finds Victor’s hidden office in his apartment and realizes he is Lazlo Kerrik, the man who wanted revenge against Alphonse Hoyt (Terrence Howard) for murdering his wife and daughter. Darcy takes Beatrice hostage and tells Victor to come to Alphonse’s house.

Victor crashes his truck through Alphonse’s mansion and kills his men along with the Albanian mafia also there. Beatrice plays the hostage video on a laptop which implicates Alphonse in the murder of the hostage. The lone surviving Albanian, the hostage’s brother, sees it, and he and Alphonse wind up killing each other. Leaving the house, Victor and Beatrice are confronted by Darcy, who Victor spared. Darcy asks if Victor spared him because he had a wife and a son. Victor says he spared him because his family has him. Victor tosses his gun, signifying he’s done with killing, and Darcy lets them leave.

Victor and Beatrice get on a subway and kiss. Free of their respective pain, they can start over together.

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