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Hercule Poirot (Kenneth Branagh) joins a wedding party with his old friend Bouc (Tom Bateman) in Egypt. The newlyweds are Simon Doyle and wealthy heiress Linnet Ridgeway (Armie Hammer and Gal Gadot). Complicating things is Simon’s scorned former fiance, Jackie de Bellefort (Emma Mackey), who shows up and intimidates Linnet. Among the other guests are Bouc’s mother Euphemia, jazz singer Salome Otterbourne and her niece Rosalie (who is also in a relationship with Bouc), Linnet’s godmother Marie Van Schulyer and her nurse/lover Mrs. Bowers, Linnet’s maid Louise Bourget (Rose Leslie), Linnet’s family friend “Cousin” Andrew Katchadourian, and Linnet’s former lover, Dr. Linus Windlesham.

After escaping death by a falling boulder during a stop on their tour of the Nile, Linnet is later found murdered by a gunshot to the head. Jackie is the prime suspect because the murder weapon was her own .22 caliber gun, but Mrs. Bowers had been tending to her overnight. As Poirot interrogates the other passengers, Louise is found murdered as well. Poirot interrogates Bouc since he had stolen Linnet’s jewel necklace and planted it in his mother’s room to frame her so he can be with Rosalie in peace. Before Bouc can reveal who he had seen that killed Louise, he is murdered as well.

Poirot locks the guests in the bar as he comes to deduce that…

…the killers are none other than Simon and Jackie.

Jackie was the mastermind, having planned from the beginning for Simon to marry Linnet and inherit her wealth after her death. Simon shot Linnet with Jackie’s gun, and Jackie killed Louise since she witnessed the murder and tried to extort her, then later killed Bouc before she could reveal her identity. Jackie kills herself and Simon by shooting him through the back so the bullet would hit her too.

Poirot later appears to try and pursue a relationship with Salome as he watches her perform in London, and he shaves his trademark mustache as a means to let his guard down.

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