Submitted by Tornado Dragon

Ridley (Justin Whalin) locates the Rod of Savrille, with Savrille’s skeleton warning him that once the terrible power of the rod is used, it cannot be undone unless one knows how to break the spell which Ridley must discover. Meanwhile, back in Izmer, the gold dragons start their attack. Ridley comes out of the cave to find Damodar (Bruce Payne) and his soldiers have captured Marina (Zoe McLellan), Elwood (Lee Arenberg) & Norda (Kristen Wilson), so he trades Damodar the rod in exchange for their lives. Damodar orders Ridley and his friends killed after he hands the rod over, but they fight back, and when Damodar opens a portal back to the imperial palace at Izmer, Ridley follows through with him.

Damodar hands the rod to Profion (Jeremy Irons), and Damodar’s head is cleared up from the disease (?) that was in it. Profion summons the red dragons and gets them to attack the gold dragons as Ridley fights and slays Damodar. Ridley then attacks Profion, but before Profion can kill him Marina, Elwood, and Norda show up, saving Ridley and diverting Profion’s attention away from the rod so Ridley can acquire it. Ridley has a chance to use the red dragons, but instead he chooses to destroy the rod, smashing it with his elven sword.

Then, Empress Savina (Thora Birch) shows up to face Profion, and despite his attempts to harm her, with her scepter she commands one of the gold dragons to come to her aid, and the dragon summoned swallows Profion, saving Izmer from any further damage.

In a background voiceover, the Empress declares to all that mages and commoners are now equals, and Ridley along with Marina, Elwood & Norda goes to the local graveyard and pays his respects to his friend Snails (Marlon Wayans), who was slain by Damodar. He leaves the magic gemstone he acquired from Xilus (Richard O’Brien) at his gravesite, and Ridley says he was going to be knighted for saving Izmer.

Then, a wind blows across the graveyard, and Snails’ name comes off the gravestone and the gemstone lights up, seemingly indicating that his spirit now resided in the gemstone. Ridley and the others all put their hands on the gemstone, transforming into sparkles and flying away.