Submitted by Naomi

After Madison (Cary Grant) tells Anabel (Betsy Darke) once and for all that he’s not interested in her, she almost decides to give him up for good. But after Roger Sanford (Franchot Tone) changes his tune and starts talking marriage to her, she realizes how easily a man could be persuaded to change his mind.

She invites Sanford to her house for dinner and sends Julie (Diana Lynn) to warn Madison about Sanford’s intentions. When Madison shows up to make sure that Anabel is not taken advantage off, Anabel’s high school sweetheart, Joe, shows up, saying that Anabal has finally accepted his proposal which causes Sanford to leave. Madison is about to leave too but changes his mind, asking Anabel to marry him instead and she agrees.

The man pretending to be Joe turns out to be an actor friend of Julie’s and he and Julie go off for dinner together. Madison admits he knew Joe was an actor all along and he and Anabel kiss before the doorbell rings. The preacher is here. Anabel had asked him to come talk about their wedding…just in case.