Submitted by Evil Ed

The remake essentially follows the plot of the original. As before, Charley Brewster (Anton Yelchin) and Peter Vincent – Vampire Slayer (David Tennant–hilarious as a “Chris Angel-like” vulgar Vegas showman) finally sneak into the house of vampire Jerry Dandridge (Colin Farrell, who was born to play a vampire) to save Amy (Imogen Poots), whom Dandridge has seduced, kidnapped and bitten. Prior to sneaking into Dandridge’s house, Evil Ed (Christopher Mintz-Plasse), whom Dandridge turns early in the film, comes to Peter Vincent’s Vegas penthouse disguised as a delivery boy and is destroyed, rather messily, by Charlie.

Also, along the way Dandridge uses the stripper who lives across the street from Charlie as a living blood bank, destroys Charlie’s house by severing and igniting the gas line, chases the family down on the freeway and hangs on their SUV like Robert DeNiro in “Cape Fear”, is stabbed with a Century 21 sign by Charlie’s realtor mother (Toni Collette), gets splashed with holy water by Amy and kills Chris Sarandon who has the misfortune of driving on the same desert road as Charlie, his mom and Amy as they are fleeing Dandridge (Great Fun!).

Finally, they battle Dandridge in the basement of his home, which he has converted into a giant burial ground for all his victims. As many vampires emerge, Charlie uses Peter’s advice to “torch” Dandridge by lighting himself on fire using a stunt suit and tackling Dandridge. In the ensuing melee, they break open the top of his lair, exposing Dandridge to sunlight. Dandridge is destroyed, Amy is restored, Peter Vincent lives and the other surviving victims return to normal. Charley finally beds Amy in Peter Vincent’s Vegas penthouse.