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Gold Diggers:
Secret of Bear Mountain

Jody’s (Anna Chlumsky) stepfather Ray (David Keith) drunkenly beats her mom Lynette (Diana Scarwid) until she passes out and forces Jody to take him to Bear Mountain to find the gold. Beth (Christina Ricci) and her mother Kate (Polly Draper) arrive some time later, find Lynette, and call Sheriff Matt (Brian Kerwin) for help. After Beth explains to Matt and her mom where Ray took Jody, they all head to Bear Mountain to save her.

Beth and Matt look for her in the mountain tunnels and get separated, but Beth finds her first, on the run from Ray. They head down a path and find a hidden cave, and they spot what they think is gold, but it turns out to be just glowworms. Ray then shows up, and they escape with him in pursuit. While hiding from him, Jody meets a mysterious old woman, and she saves her from Ray by knocking him out with a shovel. The woman then quickly vanishes as Beth arrives, and then Matt shows up with help. Ray is arrested and later sent to prison, and Jody believes that her savior was the fabled Molly Morgan.

One day, Matt shows up at Beth’s house, telling her and Jody that someone important was waiting for them in his office. They go there with their mothers to find an attorney there. He tells them that he represents a client who wished to remain anonymous, and he was there to present them with a gift from said client. After signing documents proving they received the gift, they are each surprisingly given a big bag of gold pieces.

In the closing narrative, Beth says that Jody still believes that Molly Morgan was the one who saved her from Ray, and was the one who gave them the gold. They would never know for sure, though, because they never saw the old woman again.