Submitted by Tornado Dragon

Ed (Kel Mitchell) and Dexter (Kenan Thompson) go to Mondo Burger in disguise to find out what is up with their burgers, and learn that they’re so big because the employees put Trilampathol, an illegal food additive, into them, and they do it without caring about the health of their customers. The duo are soon uncovered by the owner Kurt (Jan Schweiterman) and thrown into an insane asylum so they can’t tell anyone about it.

Kurt and his pals go into Good Burger that night and put poison into Ed’s special sauce to make the customers ill and drive them away from the place, but Otis (Abe Vigoda) discovers them. They throw him into the asylum, too, and there, he tells Ed and Dexter about the poisoned sauce. The trio manage to escape and get back to Good Burger seconds before someone can eat the sauce.

After telling their boss to let no one eat the sauce and to call the cops, Ed and Dexter sneak into Mondo Burger to get proof of the illegal activities there. As Dexter distracts the employees, Ed – who was supposed to just get a can of Trilampathol to show to the cops – puts all of the Trilampathol into their meat supply. This causes the burgers to become massive and explosive, and Mondo Burger is destroyed (and the burger on its roof crushes Mr. Wheat’s [Sinbad] car when he arrives there to eat).

The cops come, find the Trilampathol cans, and arrest Kurt. Dexter gives Mr. Wheat half of the money he owes for the damage he did to his car and promises to have the rest by summer’s end. Dexter then rips up the unfair contract between him and Ed on the profits from the sauce, and they re-enter Good Burger to a hero’s welcome.