Submitted by Jeremy

Brothers Connie and Nicky (Robert Pattinson and Benny Safdie) rob a bank, only to lose the money after a dye pack goes off. Nicky is arrested after splitting from Connie.

Connie tries to round up some money to get his brother out. He finds out Nicky got into a fight in jail and is hospitalized. Connie goes to break him out, but he ends up getting another inmate named Ray. Ray (Buddy Duress) informs Connie that he hid a bottle of LSD worth a lot of money in an amusement park with some other stolen money. The guys try to find the stuff, but only get the LSD.

Connie tries to get Ray’s friend to buy back the LSD from him. The negotiation doesn’t work, and Connie tries to get away with the bottle, only to get arrested. Ray tries to escape but he falls to his death.

Nicky is later released from prison after Connie presumably took the fall for him.