Submitted by Julian

Aubrey’s (Amber Tamblyn) Story
After a short chase scene, Karen (Sarah Michelle Gellar) is pushed off a hospital roof by Kayako (Takako Fuji). Eason (Edison Chen) pulled Karen (Sarah Michelle Gellar) out of the burning house in the first movie, and dies after he is attacked by Kayako in his photo development booth. Aubrey replaces Kayako as the main ghost of the cursed house when she is killed by Takeo, the ghost’s husband. The ghost who we thought was Kayako in the beginning attacking Allison (Arielle Kebbel) was actually the ghost of Aubrey.

Allison’s (Arielle Kebbel) Story
After entering the cursed house, Miyuki (Misako Uno) is pulled into a mirror by Kayako and Vanessa (Teresa Palmer) is killed in a phone booth when she is wrapped in Kayako’s hair. Allison is the only one left alive in the story.

The Chicago Family’s Story
The entire family is killed off in different ways: the mom (Jennifer Beals) murders her husband (Chris Cousins) and her Stepdaughter (Sara Roemer). The hooded figure is Allison, who moved back to America. She is killed by Kayako by pulling her into her hoodie. Jake (Matt Knight) is the only one left alive (but not for long…Kayako comes to kill him when she comes out of Allison’s hoodie).