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Hayley turns the tables on Jeff and he becomes her prisoner. She wants to know what role he played in another young girl’s disappearance and murder. He continually denies any involvement, even after she finds his stash of kiddie porn, and finding a picture of the girl (still alive). She drugs him, ties him up, and performs a castration on him (which turns out to be fake, but seem). He escapes, but decides to go after her instead of calling the police, seeing as she can report his kiddie porn addiction. She gets the upper hand, zaps him with taser, and sets him up in the kitchen with a noose around her neck. She offers him a way out – admit what he did, hang himself, and she’ll keep all his secrets. She then tells him that she has called a past girlfriend, Janelle, with whom he is still obsessed, and states that she is on her way.

After an unplanned distraction by the neighbor, Jeff again escapes and chases Hayley. They end up on the roof, him with a knife, and Hayley with a gun. Hayley has set up a noose on the roof. She offers him the same deal – admit what he did with the girl, and she’ll keep his secrets about all the other little girls – if not, Janelle shows up, Hayley fakes being attacked, and all of Jeff’s dirty secrets come out.

Jeff finally breaks down and admits his involvement, but says that he only watched – his partner did the killing. He gives Hayley his partner’s name, and Hayley says that the strange thing is, your partner told me that you are the one who killed the girl, right before he killed himself. We realize that Hayley has set all this up from the beginning. She puts the noose around Jeff’s neck and says “I promise to get rid of all the evidence”. Jeff hears Janelle arrive,and, not wanting her to find out his secrets, turns around, and steps off the roof. As Hayley looks over the edge, she says, “Or not” meaning she won’t be getting rid of any evidence.