Submitted by Ann-Marie 'crappy' F

Mallory (Gina Carano) is an ex-Navy Seal and somehow gets on the bad side of her ex-boss and ex-lover, Kenneth (Ewan McGregor).  Kenneth contracts Paul (Michael Fassbender) to kill Mallory while in Dublin.  Mallory kills Paul instead with a neck, leg choke, and a gunshot to the head using a feather pillow from the hotel bed as a silencer.

Mallory finds that the Asian reporter she rescued in Barcelona, Jiang (Anthony Brandon Wong), is dead in a barn in Dublin.  We see that Rodrigo (Antonio Banderas) cooked up the scheme to help a business partner get rid of Jiang along with helping Kenneth get rid of his problem.

Coblenz (Michael Douglas) is just trying to figure out who is at the top of this whole mess.  He offers Mallory some proper work instead of this freelance covert business.  She’ll think about it once she catches the top guy.

Mallory hides out at her Dad’s place (Bill Paxton), waiting for the bad guys to get her.  Aaron (Channing Tatum) gets shot and dies.  Kenneth escapes, but Mallory traps him, and he is left for dead on a beach.  Mallory figures out that Rodrigo was the top guy.  She drops in to finish her business, and the movie ends.