Submitted by Melissa S

Venessa (Leslie Bibb) and Jack (Rob Corddry) unwittingly move into the most haunted house in New Orleans. F’Resnell (Keegan-Michael Key) is a squatter living in their crawl space. Venessa is 9 months pregnant with twins and over the course of a week becomes possessed by the devil.

Two cops, two priests, Venessa’s sister, F’Resnell and Jack are attempting to perform an exorcism when Venessa gives birth to a healthy baby boy and a baby devil (complete with horns and tail). The devil baby is thrown around the room, punched, kicked and yet it manages to kill one priest, two cops and Venessa’s sister.

Finally, Jack grabs a floor lamp that has been shocking him the entire movie and uses the spear headed end of it to stab the devil baby (which starts on fire and then explodes). Venessa is no longer possessed, and she and Jack name the baby Sebastian F’Resnell after the surviving priest and the squatting roommate who saved them.¬†

**In the very end F’Resnell walks into the street, steps in dog poop and gets hit by a car.