Submitted by Sean K

The film moves back and forth between three stories:

The three stories come together at the end:

George sees a sign at Charles Dickens house advertising a reading of one of Dicken’s novels by Derek Jacobi.  George attends the reading and afterwards he comes across Marie doing her reading.  He is intrigued by her experience and gets a copy of her book signed.  Before he could talk to her any further, George is approached by Marcus, who recognized him from his old website.  George refuses to give Marcus a reading and goes back to talk to Marie, but she had left.  Marcus follows George back to his hotel and stands outside until George finally agrees to give the reading, which finally gives Marcus the closure to move on.  In return, Marcus locates Marie’s hotel for George and George leaves her a letter.  They arrange to meet and when Marie shows up George has a vision of the two of them kissing, which gives him the confidence to invite her to his table.