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Though Rose succeeds in getting the dirty cops Dixon and Hauser arrested and her name cleared, Daniella escapes her, but not before she finds out that Daniella plans to kill Cortez at his daughter’s quinceañera because he murdered her brother. She reports this to her superior, Captain Emmett, but he dismisses this concern because he doubts Daniella has the intelligence to pull it off, and even if she is going to do it, they can’t stop her because the investigation is under the DEA’s jurisdiction, plus security will be too tight at the party.

Daniella goes to the event and meets with Cortez in private, though neither are aware that each of them plans to kill the other. Rose goes in undercover to try and stop her, and she soon runs surprisingly into Emmett. However, he pulls his gun on her and reveals he is in cahoots with Cortez, but Rose soon gets the better of him, knocks him out, and takes his gun. She then searches for Daniella and finds her just as she and Cortez have gotten into an armed standoff. She comes to Daniella’s defense, and despite taking a bullet from Cortez in her arm, she soon shoots him in his leg, disarms him, and cuffs him. Daniella then makes ready to kill Cortez, but Rose is able to talk her out of it. However, Cortez then attempts to shoot Daniella with another gun he had hidden in his suit, but Rose notices this and shoots and kills him before he can.

Daniella gets three months in jail for obstruction of justice, and Rose comes to pick her up at the end of her sentence and finds out from a guard that, thanks to taking down Cortez, her name is no longer synonymous with screw-ups. As she and Daniella drive off, Randy – a ex-con who helped them out while they were on the run and developed a mutual attraction to Rose – pops up in the back seat, and Rose explains that they are dating now.

In an attempt to get to Dallas, Rose (Reese Witherspoon) and Daniella (Sofia Vergara) steal a truck, but that night, they find out that it belongs to Randy (Robert Kazinsky), an ex-con, who was in the bed of the truck after having passed out from drinking. They stop the truck to talk to him, and they notice that he is on parole since he is wearing an ankle monitor. He recognizes them as the “fugitives” he saw on the news, but Rose explains that that is all false and they just need to get to Dallas so they can sort it all out. But, since they can’t get there too early because Cortez (Joaquín Cosio) may have some hired guns ready to take out Daniella before she reaches the courtroom, Rose asks Randy if he knows of a place where they can lay low for a couple of hours. Randy offers to drive them to an Indian casino and hotel, since he knows people there that could get them rooms plus the police have no jurisdiction there, and they can hide in the truck’s bed until they get there. When Rose asks why they should trust him, he replies that he knows what it feels like when no one wants to hear your side of the story, plus (in an act of flirtation) he likes her smile. Rose removes his ankle monitor and tosses it in a nearby river so they can’t be tracked, and after avoiding getting caught at a police checkpoint that the dirty cops (and Felipe’s [Vincent Laresca] killers) Dixon (Michael Mosley) and Hauser (Matthew Del Negro) are at, they get to the hotel.

Before going into Randy’s room to ask him to get food for them, Rose handcuffs Daniella to the bed since she is a flight risk, but Daniella hugs her and thanks her for protecting her. She walks into Randy’s room and ends up talking to him, and she finds out that the reason why he was imprisoned and now on parole is because he viciously assaulted his sisters’ abusive boyfriends. He also comments on how intense she is, but he says that he likes that. She soon gives in to his charms and kisses him, but despite acknowledging that it felt good, she quickly puts these feelings aside and sends him away to get the food. Rose returns to her room and finds Daniella pointing her own gun at her, having snuck it off of her during their hug, and she demands that Rose fork over the key to the cuffs. She also states that she never had any intention of going to the trial; all she wanted to do was get away from Felipe and start anew alone. She also shows that she got a hold of Rose’s notepad and read about how Rose doubts that she is smart enough to aid the prosecution. After forcing Rose to unlock the cuffs, Rose grabs Daniella’s suitcase full of bejeweled shoes she has been lugging around (which she claims are gifts from her deceased brother, who was killed in Colombia when he tried to go to the cops for help after getting in trouble with the wrong people) and whacks the gun out of her hand, and they have a scuffle over it that ends with Rose reclaiming it. She then questions Daniella about the weight of the suitcase since she noticed how heavy it was, so Daniella explains that there are 18 pairs of shoes in there. Rose says that the suitcase feels like it weighs more than that, and after inspecting one of the shoes, Daniella admits that this was how Felipe smuggled money into the country: By giving her shoes made of white gold and diamonds, and they all total around $4 million. Suddenly, Dixon and Hauser come knocking at their door, forcing them to flee through Randy’s room with the suitcase. As they make for the main exit, they are cut off by Hauser, but thankfully Randy comes across them and attacks Hauser. While resuming her escape with Daniella, Rose promises Randy that she will contact him later.

Rose and Daniella wind up boarding a seniors tour bus bound for Dallas, and after Rose handcuffs herself to Daniella, she questions her on whether or not Felipe was the one who killed her brother, but Daniella refuses to answer. Soon after, Dixon and Hauser pull up alongside the bus in their car and try to shoot at them, and the ladies accidentally throw the driver out of the bus in the commotion, forcing them to take control of it. They then have a wild time dealing with Dixon and Hauser in a high-speed chase until the Hispanic assassins from the earlier attack on Daniella’s home shoot out one of the rear tires on the dirty cops’ car, sending their car rolling over into the median strip. Rose and Daniella bring the bus to a stop in a highway construction zone, but soon after, Daniella punches Rose unconscious. When she awakens, she sees Daniella has gotten free of the cuffs, then overhears her talking with the assassins outside. Through confronting Daniella and her own deductions, Rose discovers that the assassins actually work for her and not Cortez, and they were supposed to “kidnap” her back at her house so she could get away from Felipe (though Felipe’s death was not planned). Rose also discovers that the next step of Daniella’s plan is to confront and kill Cortez at his daughter’s quinceañera because he was the one who murdered her brother, and after that, she will start her new life with the money from the shoes. Rose tries to convince her to not go through with killing Cortez and says that they can put him in jail, but she replies that jail is not good enough for him. She tells Rose that she will spare her life because she saved hers, but before departing, she handcuffs Rose to the bus door’s railing and says that she isn’t going to stop her.

Rose gets Dixon and Hauser arrested and her name cleared, but Cortez is released from jail since Felipe is dead and Daniella has vanished. Rose has a chat with her superior, Captain Emmett (John Carroll Lynch), and though he praises Rose for the arrests and keeping Daniella alive and also promotes her back to being a beat cop, he is dismissive of her belief that Daniella is going to kill Cortez at the quinceañera because he doubts she possesses the intelligence to pull it off. Also, even if she is going to do it, they can’t stop her because the investigation is under the jurisdiction of the DEA, plus security will be too tight at the hotel that the party is being held at. He tells her to go home and get some sleep, but as Rose is making her way out of the station, it becomes clear that she isn’t going to do that.

That night, Daniella arrives at the quinceañera and gets a gun placed in her purse by one of the assassins posing as a security guard, and she approaches Cortez and tells him that she never wanted to testify against him and tried to convince Felipe to not do it, either, but he wouldn’t listen. Cortez tells her to go into the next room so they can continue this conversation in private and he can properly thank her for her loyalty, but after she goes, he orders one of his goons to turn up the volume on the music so the guests don’t hear anything, having already made plans to kill her. As she makes her way there, Rose – in the disguise of a teenage boy – gets her attention and pulls her into the women’s bathroom. She tries to persuade her to wear a wire and get Cortez to confess to killing her brother, but while Daniella is trying to put it on, a woman walks in and believes that Rose is a perverted youngster, so she has security kick her out of the party. Moments later, Daniella trashes the wire and heads off to see Cortez. Rose sneaks back in as a waitress, and she discovers that Emmett is in attendance and comes up to him. However, Emmett soon pulls his gun on her, revealing that he is in collusion with Cortez. When he tries to force her to come outside with him so he can kill her without being seen, she gets free of him and runs into the kitchen. Emmett catches up to her, but she ends up throwing an alcoholic drink on him and then zaps him with her taser so he catches fire. She then uses a fire extinguisher to put out the flames and then hits him in the head with it to knock him out, then takes his gun and runs off to find Daniella.

She interrupts her and Cortez just as they have gotten into a standoff with their handguns, and Cortez shoots at her, forcing Rose and Daniella to hide. Cortez makes Daniella show herself by mocking her brother’s bravery, but as he fires a shot at her, Rose jumps in front of her to shield her and shoots Cortez in the leg, but Daniella still gets grazed on her left arm. Rose then ties Cortez’s arms behind his back and kicks his gun away, but Daniella retrieves her gun and aims it at Cortez. Rose manages to convince her to not pull the trigger, but neither are aware that Cortez has taken out another gun hidden in his suit jacket. He attempts to shoot Daniella when she takes her eyes off of him, but Rose sees this and shoots and kills him. Daniella is initially incensed with Rose for stealing her revenge, but she calms down when she discovers that Rose did take the earlier bullet first; it just went through her left arm and hit Daniella.

Daniella gets slapped with a three-month jail term for obstruction of justice (and it’s safe to assume that Emmett received a much longer prison sentence), and when Rose comes to pick her up at the end of it, she finds out from a guard that, thanks to taking down Cortez, her name is no longer synonymous with blunders. Once she gets Daniella outside, she presents her with a pair of her bejeweled shoes and reveals that she has eased up on her rigidity by saving these and a couple of other pairs from being put in the evidence locker. As they drive off, Randy emerges from the back seat, and Rose says that they are in a relationship but are keeping it on the down-low for a bit, plus she technically got him off the hook on his charges.