Submitted by Joseph C

A low budget poorly made knockoff of the hugely successful Carrie.

The movie takes place in an expensive boarding school full of rich spoiled kids.  One local student a year is given a scholarship.  Jennifer is the scholarship student her year.  She is top student in her class, and the rich girls hate her.  They ridicule and torment her.  The principal only cares about donations to the school, and always sides with the rich kids.  Jennifer lives at home near the school with her father.  Her father is a creepy angry fanatic who is obsessed with snakes.

The rich clique grab Jennifer out of her bed at night and take her to a deserted parking lot.  She is tied up in the center, while they speed by in their cars trying to pass as close to her as possible.  It turns out that she has an ability to communicate with snakes, and control their behavior.  She summons venomous snakes, to kill her tormentors.  The next school day, the principal vows to make Jennifer pay for what happened.  A poisonous snake bites the principal too.