Submitted by Tornado Dragon

In the final battle, Zareta (Karina Lombard) – carrying the Breath of Valka that is needed to kill Akivasha (Tia Carrere) – is badly weakened when Taligaro (Thomas Ian Griffith) throws her into the Flame of Acheron with Akivasha as she is turning into an invincible demon, hoping that the Breath would destroy her that way so he could rule Valusia alone.

In danger of dying and losing the Breath forever, Zareta transfers the Breath into Kull (Kevin Sorbo) via a kiss. The transfer saves her life, and Kull releases the Breath into the now-transformed Akivasha via a kiss himself, killing her. Soon after, Taligaro seizes Zareta and demands Kull to give him the kingship in exchange for her life, but Kull manages to get a hold of his axe and slay Taligaro.

Restored to his throne, Kull finally abolishes slavery and takes Zareta as his queen.