Submitted by Jeremy

Two orphans in France, Felicie and Victor, travel to Paris after escaping their orphanage. Felicie wants to be a dancer while Victor wants to be an inventor.

Felicie starts training at a prestigious ballet school after assuming the identity of experienced dancer Camille Le Haut. Felicie trains under Odette, a former dancer. When Camille’s mother Regine finds out that Felicie took her daughter’s place, their instructor Merante has both girls compete for a part in “The Nutcracker”, with Camille winning since Felicie failed to rest up and train.

Felicie is sent back to the orphanage but returns to Paris for Victor. She and Camille end up competing again, and Felicie impresses everyone this time. Camille surrenders the part to Felicie after realizing she is more passionate about dancing. Regine goes nuts and tries to kill Felicie and Victor, but they evade her and make it to the school in time for Felicie’s performance.