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Linda only makes the one porn movie and leaves Chuck on account of his abusive behavior.

Long story:
The story chronicles the life of Linda Lovelace (Amanda Seyfried), who made a name for herself in the classic adult film “Deep Throat.” Throughout the film, we see how Linda left her home to marry Chuck Traynor (Peter Sarsgaard), who abused her and basically sold her out to the adult film industry because of her talent when it came to oral sex, which is discovered while he plays a home film in front of producers Gerry and Butchie. Anthony Romano (Chris Noth) agrees to produce the film.

The movie is a tremendous success in the adult film world, to the point that Hugh Hefner (James Franco) offers her a private viewing with him. Though Linda shows interest in Hugh, he suggests she go home with her husband.

Linda’s life goes on amidst the chaos of her marriage, but she maintains her loyalty to Chuck on account of the values she was taught by her mother (Sharon Stone). Chuck’s abuse of Linda goes from physical and emotional to sexual and masochistic. He is shown threatening her with violence including a gun. He even sets her up as the girl for a group sex party that he apparently charged an exorbitant amount of money for.¬†

At a lunch meeting to discuss Linda’s work on the Deep Throat sequels, Anthony sees her bruised face and sets up another meeting with Chuck. Chuck is held down and beaten with a belt by Anthony, who tells him to never ever contact Linda again. Out of respect, Anthony does not ask Linda to continue in porn (though in reality Linda did shoot Deep Throat 2).

Linda moves on with her life and marries Larry Marchiano. She becomes an advocate against porn and for abused women. She goes on Phil Donahue to promote her book, where audience members question her morality considering her past. Linda suggests that she has moved on for the better and is very happy with her life.

Closing titles say that following the divorce, Chuck Traynor married and guided the career of another porn superstar, Marilyn Chambers (who also divorced him). Deep Throat made $600 million in the box office, a record in the 70’s for an adult film, although critics like Roger Ebert have suggested that this may have been a money laundering plot by the mob. Linda only made $1,250 for her part in the movie. Linda died from complications that arose due to multiple injuries she sustained in a car accident in 2002. Chuck Traynor died three months later.
Even though Linda only did one hard core pornographic movie, she is still considered by many (including the almighty Imdb) to be the most famous porn star of all time.