Submitted by Alex

The house that is eating everyone that comes to it’s front lawn is actually the spirit of Constance. Constance was part of the freakshow in a circus as the largest woman alive and fell in love with Nebbercracker (the guy who owns the monster house). They get married and Nebbercracker vows to build a house for his new wife and begins to build it. After a freak accident, Constance dies as she falls straight down into the basement of the unfinished house and is filled with cement; burying her alive. Now, in order to stop the house from eating everyone on Halloween, Nebbercracker needed to destroy it before the holiday came around. Chowder, DJ, and Penny help him by bringing the house to a drained lake area where new tower complex is being built and DJ throws a dynamite stick into the house’s chimney and it is finally destroyed; freeing Constance’s spirit.