Submitted by June

It is the last show of A Prairie Home Companion, hosted by Garrison Keiller. Regulars Dusty and Lefty and the Johnson Sisters Rhonda and Yolanda reminisce about the show and their lives in show business. Guy Noir is trying to find out what the Dangerous Woman is up to. Garrison Keiller and Yolanda Johnson had a romance in the past that went badly. The Dangerous Woman is really an Angel of Death and takes one of the old performers away as he is waiting for his lover. Yolanda’s daughter Lola has been writing poems about suicide, but in the end makes her debut singing an improvised version of “Frankie and Johnny”. The Axman who has come to close the show is also taken by the Dangerous Woman, but the show closes anyway. Several years later as the friends are planning a farewell tour, the woman returns but it is unclear as to what her mission this time is.