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Ana decides to marry Rafa and move with him to Spain, leaving Daniel behind to deal with the trauma on his own.

Long Ending:
This film is based on a true story (and claims to tell the story exactly as it happened, changing only the names of the characters).

The Torres family lives in Mexico and are very wealthy. The family includes college student Ana (Marimar Vega), who is engaged to a man named Rafa. As the wedding grows near, Rafa gets a job opening in Spain, but Ana says she would prefer he turn down the job so she can remain close to her family. Her little brother, Daniel (Dario Yazbek Bernal), is 16 years’ old. He is a normal teen, making out with his girlfriend and obsessed about getting a car.

One day, while the siblings are driving to a store, two masked men carjack and kidnap the pair. They are taken to a house and confronted by the men who seek to make a pornographic film of the two of them. If the siblings refuse, the kidnappers threaten to rape and kill them. Ultimately, the siblings assent to the demands (with Daniel being given some viagra) and have sex at gun point. The kidnappers then release the two back on to the streets.

Ana is crushed, unable to get out of bed and even breaking up with Rafa and cancelling the wedding. Although Daniel seems to be ok at home, we watch as he skips school, alienates himself from his friends and lacks any semblance of joy. Neither discuss the incident, nor do they confide in their parents or the police.

Eventually, Ana visits the school psychologist and receives therapy. She begins to recover, even renewing her engagement with Rafa. She eventually convinces Daniel to come to one of the therapy sessions with her and though he promises to go regularly, he never attends another session. Daniel apologizes to Ana (feeling he is the reason they got captured).

After Ana publicly reveals her renewed engagement to Rafa, Daniel heads further into a tailspin. Clearly, Daniel has been scarred more than his sister. In a fit of rage, he sneaks into Ana’s room one night and rapes her. This causes Ana to move in with Rafa and convince him to take the job in Spain. Meanwhile, Daniel goes to his ex-girlfriend’s house and begins strangling her while they make out, only to flee when he realizes what he is doing. Daniel also completely disregards his parents and buys a large knife.

Rafa and Ana get married. At the reception, Daniel creeps up behind Rafa in the bathroom with the knife out. In the end, Daniel can’t go through with it, puts the knife back in his pocket and masturbates in a bathroom stall. When the reception ends, Ana gives a begrudging hug to her brother before leaving with Rafa for Spain. Daniel is now completely alone to deal with his trauma.

The film ends by noting that crimes similar to this happen often in Mexico and that many of them go unreported, owing to the incestuous nature of the sex acts.