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Crockett (Colin Farrell) and Tubbs (Jamie Foxx) are called in to sting some South American drug lords. In the process, Crockett falls in love with Isabella (Gong Li), one of the drug lords’ business associates. Middleman Yero (John Ortiz) rejiggers the deal by kidnapping Crockett & Tubbs associate (and Tubbs love interest) Trudy (Naomie Harris) and demanding better terms for himself. Crockett & Tubbs re-rejigger the deal by rescuing Trudy (although she is gravely injured in the process) and demanding yet better terms for themselves. Yero re-re-rejiggers the deal by dragging Isabella along to the big buy, knowing Crockett won’t screw up with her around. Of course, the whole thing is uber-jiggered by Crockett & Tubbs’ team, so all the bad guys get captured or killed and Crockett helps Isabella to escape, although they’ll never see each other again. The uber-bad guy drug lord, Jesus (Luis Tosar) escapes the Colombian army. In the final shot, Crockett is going to the hospital to check on Trudy, who is just coming out of her coma with Tubbs at her side.

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