Submitted by Julio M

After being sent to the Section 13 of the Sagmacilar Prison -the wing for the criminally insane- over the incident in which he gruesomely killed and mutilated Rifki (Paolo Bonacelli) thirteen months ago, it seems as Billy (Brad Davis) has truly lost his mind.  He stares vacantly, and starts to walk in circle around an underground rock column, along with many other inmates.

But then, his girlfriend Susan (Irene Miracle) comes to visit him, and makes him come to his senses -of course, it involves some breast exposure from her and a sexual reaction from him, much to Susan’s dismay-.  She gives him a photo album with some money hidden at the bottom of the cover.  Billy takes the money, says goodbye to Max (John Hurt) -who, sadly, has really become crazy- and promises to return for him.

Then, to make sure he is still sane, Billy starts walking around the column, but in the opposite direction.  This upsets the rest of the walkers.  Sadistic prison guard Hamidou (Paul Smith) passes by, and Billy offers him money to take him to the hospital.  Hamidou agrees, but instead drags him to a changing room, where he brutalizes him and tries to rape him.  However, Billy reacts and tosses him against the wall.  Hamidou gets impaled by a cloth hanger in the neck, which kills him instantly.

Billy wears some guard clothes and starts walking towards the main entrance.  Another guard calls out for him -he thinks he has been discovered-, only to toss him the set of keys to unlock the door.  Billy opens the door and walks out of there, finally a free man.

We are told that, some time later, he succesfully managed to cross the border to Greece, and finally arrived to New York 3 weeks later.  The movie ends with some photographic shots of Billy reuniting with his family and girlfriend, after 5 years.