Submitted by Tornado Dragon

Pestario “Pest” Vargas (John Leguizamo) manages to escape the private island of Neo-Nazi manhunter Gustav Shank (Jeffrey Jones) through the help of his son Himmel (Edoardo Ballerini) by promising him they’d “play snakey-wakey whenever he wanted” once he got back to Miami, but after going through a bout of seasickness midway into the trip back, Pest makes his escape and swims home the rest of the way. Gustav, his assistant Leo (Tom McCleister), and Himmel follow him, and Pest spends the whole night with his friends Chubbs (Aries Spears) and Ninja (Freddy Rodriguez) evading them. The Scottish Mob finds and confronts Pest during the night, and he tells them he’ll give them the $50,000 he owes them by tomorrow, and he lets Ninja be taken away as collateral.

Gustav soon kidnaps Pest’s parents, his girlfriend Xantha (Tammy Townsend), her parents, and her best friend Malaria (Yelba Osorio) and tells Pest on his cell phone to come to Pier 16 or else they would all die. Pest eventually manages to get the upper hand on Gustav, but learns from him that he poisoned his pre-hunt toast of champagne, and the poison was soon to kick in. After Pest dances like an idiot for a bit to prove he was fine, he suddenly feels ill and drops dead. Himmel, disgusted by his father cheating to kill Pest, is told by his father he can stay here amongst the “losers” instead of coming back home to Germany with him.

The next day, Gustav goes to the bank to get his earnings from his safe deposit box, but when he opens the boxes, he finds them empty save for a note saying, “Answer the phone.” Soon, the phone rings, and he finds out to his shock that Pest is on the other end. Pest tells him the poison didn’t kill him since he puked it all up during his seasickness bout with Himmel, and with the help of his close friend, the German ambassador, he made off with all of Gustav’s money which totaled a lot more than the $50,000 he was needing to pay off the Scottish Mob. And, he tells Gustav the ambassador reported to the authorities about his manhunting activities, and the cops soon show up and handcuff Gustav and take him away. Pest, pretending to be the German Ambassador, messes with Gustav one more time outside the bank before the cops take him to jail.

The Scottish Mob, Pest’s debt to them repaid, soon drops off Ninja, and Chubbs, Xantha & Himmel show up in a jeep, and they get in and celebrate their newly acquired wealth.