Submitted by Tornado Dragon

Buzz Lightyear (voiced by Tim Allen) learns while trapped in Sid’s (voiced by Erik von Detten) house that he actually is a toy after seeing an advertisement of himself on TV and finding “Made In Taiwan” printed underneath the hood of his arm console. Woody (voiced by Tom Hanks) eventually tells him being a toy is so much better than being a Space Ranger, and the two finally become friends. When Buzz is in danger of being destroyed with a rocket Sid taped to his back, Woody along with Sid’s mutant toys, saves Buzz by scaring Sid silly.

The duo notices Andy and his family is starting their journey to their new home, and they rush to catch them. They didn’t get to their car, but Buzz makes it onto the moving van. Woody tries to jump on also, but Sid’s dog Scud impedes his ability to get on and looks to tear him apart, so Buzz saves him by distracting Scud. Woody opens the van and pushes R.C. Car onto the ground to get Buzz. The other toys, thinking he was going to harm R.C. like how he harmed Buzz, toss him out. Buzz & Woody then race on R.C. Car to catch up to the van, the other toys seeing Buzz and realizing Woody wasn’t lying when he said Buzz was okay. The toys, mainly Slinky (voiced by Jim Varney), try to help them get on, but R.C.’s battery runs low and Slinky loses his grip on them.

When all seemed lost, they then remembered the rocket Sid strapped to Buzz’s back and light it, sending them flying down the road towards the van. They toss R.C. back into the van as they start going up, and Buzz disconnects them from the rocket before it blows up by activating his wings. They begin to fall, but the wind catches Buzz’s wings and they actually start gliding down. Buzz and Woody land in the car, where a delighted Andy sees them and hugs them.

At Christmas time, the toys are all sitting around with the baby monitor listening to the toy soldiers’ reports on the contents of the presents. Woody says to Buzz “what could Andy possibly get that’s worse than you?” Andy then gets a puppy, and Buzz and Woody look at each other, making an uncertain smile and chuckle.