Submitted by Spectre

In 1979, Gabriel (Timothy Hutton) a depressed architect hits rock bottom. Despite having a good job, a great wife, and an amazing daughter, he is not happy. He begins to push people away and obsessively works on a semi-autobiographical play to work out his issues. In the process him and his wife Annie (Dana Delany) realize their marriage cannot be saved, and they divorce.

Gabriel realizes over talks with his friend Rocky (Mario Van Peebles) that he has always been in love with his childhood friend Cari (Mira Sorvino) and goes to profess his love. Cari will have none of it, thinking he is only drunk. Gabriel finishes his play “Multiple Sarcasms” and it becomes a huge hit. Cari finally sees a showing, in which Gabriel (via his play) proclaims that he has always loved her and no matter what happens he will continue to do so. Cari cries in the audience and realizes her feelings as well.

The film ends with Cari and Gabriel, now together, walking with Gabriel’s daughter Lizzie in the park.