Submitted by Julio M

Frank (Leslie Nielson) stops Quentin Hapsburg’s (Robert Goulet’s) evil ploy of blowing up the building where Dr. Manheimer (Richard Griffiths) is giving his speech by means of a nuclear device -this, since Frank had also foiled Hapsburg’s attempt to originally sabotage the speech by kidnapping Manheimer-; a struggle ensues, and Hapsburg ends dangling off a window; but, just as he is about to give Frank the code to stop the bomb, Nordberg (O.J. Simpson) appears and pushes Hapsburg off, thus making him fall down.  He survives by landing over a frontal awning; but then, a lion jumps on him and kills him.

Meanwhile, George and Nordberg decide to go warn everyone about the bomb, while Frank and Jane (Priscilla Presley) stay behind, trying to figure out how to stop it.  George and Nordberg come upon a numbed crowd, while Dr. Manheimer keeps speeching inadvertently; the crowd is waken up by means of a paragraph from a pornographic novel, and when Nordberg tries to convince the people to walk off quietly, he spits out the BOMB part and everyone rushes to the doors, in panic.

Back at the bomb situation, it seems like everything is lost and the device will hopelessly detonate; but then, when Frank and Jane tries to run away, he trips on a wire, falls to the floor and the bomb stops.  It turns out THEY JUST NEEDED TO UNPLUG IT.

The day is saved.  Everyone greets, and President Bush (John Roarke) makes Frank an offer about founding a Federal Bureau of Police Squad, which Frank turns down in favor of marrying Jane and having kids; they embrace and kiss.  In the end, as they all step outside the front balcony of the White House, a photographer asks them to turn around for a photo, and Frank inadvertently hits Mrs. Bush (Margery Ross) and makes her fall off; the movie ends with her, dangling off the edge of the balcony, calling for help, while the others wave at the crowd.