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Anyone who looks inside the box will see a different valuable material. It also drives anyone who looks inside mad with greed. Everyone on the train dies trying to keep the box for themselves, except for Miles (Danny Glover), who wants to destroy it. Miles, after everyone else has died, drops the box off the train while fighting with Chloe (Leelee Sobieski).

Miles figures out the key to the box was the ring on Chloe’s finger, and opens the box. A bright light comes out of the box. Miles sets the box on the train tracks so a train will pass by and destroy it, but the old woman’s dog knocks it off the track. Miles freezes to death waiting for the next train to come by.

The movie ends with a random toddler age child wandering, alone, in the middle of complete nowhere, miles from any city, town or train station, picking up the box, looking inside, and smiling.

What was in the box, who was after the box, what the purpose of the box was and the point of the entire movie was is never revealed.