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Two families, a couple, and a rapper are brought to a private beach outside a resort for what is meant to be a relaxing vacation. Instead, things turn to horror when everyone finds that they are aging rapidly, with the kids turning to teenagers within a matter of hours. Everyone dies due to the aging, underlying medical conditions, or failed attempts to escape the beach (as well as two counts of murder), leaving only siblings Trent and Maddox as the remaining survivors, having aged from 6 and 11 to their 50’s.

The big twist is that the resort is a front for a medical research facility that brings people with underlying medical conditions to the beach to perform clinical trials for revolutionary drugs.

For instance, the woman in the couple (Patricia) had epilepsy and did not suffer a seizure for eight hours, equivalent to 16 years on the beach. Trent and Maddox’s mother Prisca had a tumor that was almost easily removed as well. Trent and Maddox manage to escape the beach through a coral reef and provide evidence of the resort’s evil deeds to the authorities with a journal containing names of previous victims of the beach and their medical conditions, leading to the resort employees all getting arrested. Trent and Maddox remain adults and are going to stay with their aunt.

01 hours 48 minutes