Submitted by Jeremy

Kate Sullivan (Anna Faris) is a single mother of three who is studying to be a nurse while also trying to hold two jobs to support herself and her daughters. When she goes to clean for a rich jerk named Leonardo Montenegro (Eugenio Derbez), she gets into an argument with him after he is rude to her, and he pushes her off his yacht and wrecks her cleaning equipment. Leo later falls off his yacht and is found with amnesia, having no memory of who he is or where he came from. Kate and her boss/friend Theresa (Eva Longoria) hatch a plan to make Leo believe he is Kate’s husband as payback for his treatment of her but also so that she won’t have to support the family on her own. Leo’s sister Magda uses this to her advantage, making her father believe Leo died so that she can take over the company.

Leo gets used to having a real job as well as being a stepfather to the girls. Kate feels guilty over the lie even though she has started to develop actual feelings for Leo. However, his family learns that he is still alive and they find him, which triggers the return of his memory and leads him to realize Kate lied to him. He returns to his family and money, but he realizes how much he enjoyed life with Kate and the girls. Despite his father threatening to cut him off from his money, Leo abandons the company to be with Kate and the girls.

Leo and Kate get married for real, and since he owns the deed to the company, he is able to sell it for $60 billion.