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Nyles (Andy Samberg) is stuck in a time loop the day of a wedding, living the same day over and over. The bride’s sister, Sarah (Cristin Millioti) ends up following him into a glowing cave and then also ends up in the time loop. Nyles previously let a wedding guest named Roy (JK Simmons) go into the loop so Roy often hunts and kills Nyles as retaliation.

While stuck living the day over and over together, they fall for each other, but eventually have a falling out. With their time apart, Nyles makess peace with Roy and Sarah eventually researches science and develops a theory that if they blow themselves up in the cave they will escape the loop. Nyles, scared of leaving, doesn’t go with her, but eventually races to her at the last minute. They confess their love and escape the loop.

During a mid-credits scene. Roy gets a message about the theory from Sarah and goes to talk to Nyles who doesn’t recognize him, so he realizes he too will be able to escape.